I’m Bryan Minear, Fujifilm X-PhotographerKolari Vision ambassador, & Graphic Designer based in Michigan. Check out the Journal for gear reviews and photo stories, or browse through my Landscape and Client portfolios.

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Capture One Styles – $34

This pack was inspired by some of my favorite locations around the globe. I’ve spent years developing my personal artistic vision and created these Styles to make it accessible. With contrasty, emotion-inducing looks, I hope they inspire you to become a freer artist and more seasoned traveler.

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Fine Art Prints & Canvas available!

As a photographer, it’s easy to just share your images online and on social media. But there is something fundamentally wrong with that being the lone end result. Photography evolved from the print and I intend to make it one of my goals in life to print and share my work as often as possible. Connecting my vision with the physical world in a way that others can appreciate. Every print order is a completely custom order, please contact me if you are interested!